Our services

The proximity, the contribution of added value, effort and dedication is what makes us unique

Analysis, evaluation and management of information

Coming from European and international activity in order to detect opportunities for action through the presentation of projects.

Dynamization and coordination

Participation in community and international projects to enhance the involvement and benefit of the people involved.


For the adoption of best practices and adaptations of European public policies according to the needs and realities of each client or entity.

Research, research and analysis

Possible ‘alliances’ through the European Union’s information systems and own contacts, with the aim of promoting cooperation and collaboration.

Maintenance of lobbying tasks

Execution and maintenance of lobbying tasks, making visits and establishing contacts with Community institutions and bodies, as well as with other European and international institutions and bodies, to obtain relevant information on the evolution of public policies in the EU.

Participation in social media

Enhancement of presence and participation in networks, organizations, actions and activities at European and international level to promote interconnection and the exchange of knowledge.

Exchange of good practices

Promotion and dynamization of the exchange of good practices and knowledge to promote continuous improvement and learning among the different actors and entities involved.