To strategically position local authorities and private entities in the European and international scene. We believe local administrations and all civilised societies must embrace and take on a role in the development of an “Easy Europe”.

To encourage local authorities and private entities’ participation in international neworks, forums, conferences and seminars, as well as making themselves and their potential known, around the European and international scene.

To communicate the European integration process to local authorities and private entities, whilst encouraging their participation in the process.

To disseminate the knowledge of the European Union and raise the public awareness of the implications of integration of local authorities and private entities into the European scene.

To provide information, advice and help in European and international matters, especially relating to community programs and initiatives that will contribute to local development and achivement of social aims put forward by private entities.

To drive forward and maintain relationships between different local authorities and private entities, other European countries and international and European institutions and organizations.

To work on the promotion of already existing relationships between different institutional, entrepreneurial, university, educational, cultural and sporting fronts in order to establish sinergies, take advantage of contacts and promote a network of related projects.

The work of EUROLOCAL-CAS represents a dynamic way of promoting and developing collaboration and cross-over work between different municipal areas and local, European and international organizations.

OUR OBJECTIVE IS TO MAKE AN “EASY EUROPE”. The lack of information is not the problem…rather the excess of it, its complexity and the way it is distributed. All of this together with the lack of explanation results in incomprehension and confusion.

Our objective is to make the information clear, understandable and accessible to all.